Old Mosque Bites the Dust II

By Awang Goneng from: http://kecek-kecek.blogspot.com/

Another mosque bites the dust under orders from Terengganu’s Heritage Demolition Department; a tree weeps in grief; and the wind sweeps away another piece of history…
Masjid Bukit Besar
The beautiful old Mosque of Bukit Besar

On Terengganu’s earth another masjid falls,
Its bones broken and crunched in the claws
Of earth movers and metal diggers of the soil,
And men toiling on sweat and tears of the dead,
Who’ve been dead for many, many long years now.

Walls and window sills and the shades
That long sheltered your father and your father’s father
And their father’s father in their places of prayer,
Are planks now strewn and dead on this earth,
Taking dusts and rain and the passing roars of lorries,
And blinded by the gleaming tomorrow on the metal
of the Mercedes cars of those reps of the people.

We have been praying for you on the quiet,
In placid shades beneath the boughs,
O Kuala Terengganu in whose blanket earth we’ve lain,
Our names are forgotten and our woods are rotten,
But we we are the ghosts of your people.
Masjid Bukit Besar...Destroyed
The Mosque…Destroyed. Only the minaret still standing

Our bones are packed now to journey forth,
Our brothers and sisters dead to life anew,
To a sadder and already forgotten faraway place,
To a new grave in an unmourned corner,
‘Neath the sodden earth of flattened hills.

We were blessed to hear the daily calls,
As we rested in the shades of blessed trees,
But that’s all muted and dead for us now,
We are firewood, bones and craggy stones
The broken bricks of your ancient walls,
And nearby a tree inconsolably weeps,
For the bodies that you have trampled.

A Tree mourns the loss,
tears gushing down its trunk for it too shall soon fall.

We are ground and ground,
On which to build your grand ideas,
Lofty thought minarets of your masjids crystal,
For you to wipe your restless feet
On the doormats of our rubble.

We are in the dust and in the earth and wind,
In memories and in the cries of an infant child,
We are the future that was built into the past,
We are as we are now but then we are no more
We are now the dust in your unseeing eyes.
And dirt cheap beneath your fancy shoes.

Thank you Jabatan Tiada Hati Perut, Kuala Terengganu
Thank you Almasjid for the photos.


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